Ing. Prof. Nana Osei-Wusu Achaw, KsTU Vice Chancellor breaks silence on E-learning

Ever since the Brouhaha on E-learning started, Communication comes from the University Registrar, Deputy Registrar in charge of Academic Affairs, SRC and other stakeholders, for the first time the first vice Chancellor of Kumasi Technical University issued a statement with regards to the E-learning Policy.

In his statement, he urged all students to comply with the E-learning Policy as it is the only way to end the academic calendar during this pandemic.

He again urged students to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols.

Below is the statement;

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  1. I hate this e -learning since not all people can access internet at where they stay .Me for instance I had to move from my home to my uncle in Kumasi just to get intact in the e learning things .What about someone with similar case without a family member at internet prone areas. I am not happy about this e-learning issues .we should also consider other people’s interest since “people form a society like Kstu rather not the buildings

  2. This is a great way to keep students active but however its important to put students first so how can we complete the second Semester by July does so unfortunate & unfair but I hope something can be done to help the entire student body by adding additional time or months. thank you

  3. I am first year student of Kumasi technical University in the mechanical engineering department, I quit unfortunate that I am not able to take part in the E-learning due several reasons.
    1. There is no good network in my village
    2. I have no good mobile phone
    3. I have no means of getting accomodation to stay in a place where there’s network purposely for the E-learning
    4. I have to work in the farm through out the COVID-19 pandemic era to be able to make some money to get back to school when we reopen.
    So I am now in kumasi here and am writing this message to ask and see whether if I can get any assistance please. Thank you

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