KsTU 1st State Of SRC Address – SRC President


In the early hours of 31st January, 2023. The SRC PRESIDENT H.E Isaac Mensah delivered the State of SRC address at the Students Parliament.
Kstu SRC president

In his address to the student about the state of which we find the SRC, he appreciated the efforts of his administration since his induction into office as the SRC President with a Latin expression “acta non verba’ which simply means actions but not words has been the core tenet of his executives. Also, ‘cui multum datum est multum sperandum’ that is to say ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’ “

In his speech, he addressed some issues facing students:

“Mr. Speaker, the issues of welfare, closure of registration portals, repetition, study areas during examinations, autocratic attitude of lecturers towards students, security, health, sanitation, SRC rebranding, sports, vocational training, scholarships and accommodation issues have caused anxiety amongst students. These issues are not new. These struggles I have witnessed over the past years. These struggles are the main reasons I run for Presidency“

Some achievements of the SRC since inducted stated by the president

  1. Solve the issue of 15%+  increment of school fees in some departments within the university.
  2. Repair of the SRC LED Screen
  3. extension of dates of resit examination to allow students register.
  4. Creation of SRC help desk to assist first years with first-hand information
  5. Health walk

Some SRC Projects to embark 

  1. Conversion of the Dunhill to an ultra-modern E-library that has internet connectivity
  2. Procuring over 50,000 souvenirs to be distributed to the students irrespective of the level.
  3. Procuring one thousand [1000] furniture to be shared to the classrooms especially B and C block.



find below attached copy of the SRC ADDRESS FILE



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  1. Health walk bi achievement ei?? Since when did they reduce the school fees? And even most of the achievements are already in the school before his time in office except fixing of the LED

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