Update on E-learning Policy

The Student Representative Council sends you warm greetings.

The SRC has taken note of the concerns raised by the students with regards to the E-learning.

However, the current state of the E-learning proposed by management is in two Folds, the Zoom and the Virtual Classroom.

The zoom is for live Lectures while the Virtual Classroom is a platform for recorded videos and PDFs one can access in case you miss the Zoom.

The Virtual Classroom can only be accessed by registered students while the Zoom is for all Students.

Management would provide data for Students to access this Platform.

However, having taking into consideration the concerns of Students, the SRC is engaging management to make the  following changes:

1. That all Students(both registered and Non- Registered) would have access to the Virtual Classroom, this means students who miss live section due to network or other reasons can still access the lecture once he/she is free.

2. The E-learning is an avenue for Students to have foreknowledge of topics to be discussed in class to speed up academic work, thus if by God’s grace the pandemic Covid-19 is over, we would go back to our normal means of Learning.

3. The E-learning should not be used to assess students, all assessable assignments, Mid-sem and quizzes should be done at the lecture halls.

The SRC urge all Students to be calm and comply with the SRC as we find alternatives in these difficult times.

The SRC remains focus in ensuring that the legitimate concerns of students are adhered to.

The SRC urge all students to comply with the directives of H.E the President, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Information and Ghana Health Service as we all want to defeat the pandemic Covid-19.

 All students can channel their concerns, suggestions and questions to the SRC PRO or any SRC executive for Redress.

Thank you.




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