Obrafour must pay me back all the money I invested in his Album before he sues Drake – Ayisha Modi.

Obrafuor‘s legal tussle with Canadian rapper, Drake over alleged copyright infringements has also brought to light other issues he’s facing such as unpaid investments in his past projects.

Ayisha Modi, a Ghanaian businesswoman and philanthropist has launched fresh attacks at Obrafuor after it was announced that he was suing Drake for $10 million.

According to Modi, the veteran rapper must repay her for her investment in his album “Kasiebo,” which she claims to have supported but received no returns on her investment before suing others.

In a post on Instagram, she lambasted the “Kae Mu Rapper” and disclosed that she had placed a curse on him.

“Concert party @mobrafour make sure you pay me back all the money I Ayisha Modi invested in ur Album 13 years ago before you sue someone wai,” she posted Instagram.

Continuing she said, “Nature will catch up with u walaii Ofoui. See who is suing someone. I cursed u. You will not have no peace until u come out and tell the world the truth about how I invested in ur KASIEBO ALBUM,”

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Ayisha Modi’s allegations raise concerns about the exploitation of artists by investors who do not follow through on their promises.

”@agyekumkofi was Ur manager at that time and he was the main reason why I invested all that money in ur project. U will be suing people saaaa to feed until you pay me back my money or you tell the world the truth. Karma and nature will catch up with ya,” she recounted.


Ghanaian rapper Obrafuor as of this report had filed a lawsuit against Canadian rapper Drake for sampling his “Oye Ohene (Remix)” without permission.

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in damages and alleges that Drake used the sample on his track “Calling My Name,” which was later featured on an album.

Obrafuor claims that Drake had emailed him for clearance before using the sample but went ahead to release the track without waiting for a response.

While Drake’s team has not yet responded to the lawsuit, it raises important questions about the use of music samples and the importance of seeking permission from the original creators.

By Joe Vardy|Jewel102.7FM|Ghspot.com|Ghana.

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