How To Get Free Data On MTN In Ghana

Are you tired of buying expensive MTN Ghana data bundles each day, leaving you with limited connectivity? Imagine the freedom of acquiring Free MTN Ghana data, allowing you to browse, stream, and connect without worrying about exhausting your free MTN data plan. If you’re an MTN Ghana subscriber searching for ways to access free data, you’ve come to the right place.

At, our goal is to share with you useful information that can make your life easy; In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through proven methods and techniques for obtaining free data on MTN in Ghana.

From clever hacks to legitimate methods, we have compiled a list of reliable techniques that have been tested and verified. So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore the world of free data as we unveil the steps that will revolutionize your internet experience with MTN Ghana.

Get free data on MTN Ghana

There are several ways to Get free data on MTN Ghana, MTN Ghana data hack for free data is not an illegal way of getting free Data on MTN Ghana rather a promo or service from MTN Ghana that allows customers of MTN Ghana to redeem free data.

What is MTN Ghana reward

MTN Rewards is a loyalty program open to all MTN individual customers in Ghana. It includes prepaid, post-paid, and hybrid subscribers. By utilizing MTN services like purchasing airtime, bundles, making calls, using the internet, and MTN MoMo, customers can earn points.

How to check your MTN Ghana reward points

Step 1: Dial *550#

Step 2: Select option 7 MTN Rewards

Step 3: Select option 1 to check Point Balance

Step 4: Your earned points will be displayed.

How to get free MTN data with loyalty points

Step 1: Simply dial *550#.

Step 2: Select option 7 for MTN Rewards

Step 3: Select 99 for More

Step 4: Select option 2 to Redeem Reward Points

Step 5: Select option 2 for Data Bundle

Proceed to confirm your free data purchase

MTN Free After 1

MTN Free After 1 is a tariff plan that allows you to pay for only the first minute
of each local call and enjoy free minutes on all networks daily.

Customers who subscribe to the tariff plan pay for only the 1st minute of each
call and enjoy 10 free minutes to all local networks. Additionally, customers will
receive free data bundle capped at 70 MB daily.

How to Subscribe to MTN Free After 1

Step 1: Dial *550#

Step 2: Choose option 6 (Free After 1)

Step 3: Select 1 (Activate)

Step 4: Proceed and confirm activation


MTN Mashup

MTN Mashup is a bundled offer from MTN Ghana that combines voice and data in a single package. It allows you to make calls, send SMS, and use data at a discounted rate.

There are a variety of Mashup bundles available, so you can choose one that fits your needs. Once you purchase an MTN Mashup successfully, you will obtain its equivalent Free Data from MTN Ghana.

How to get free MTN data with MTN Mashup

  1. Dial *567#.
  2. Select Proceed to Buy Bundle.
  3. Select Mashup for Self.
  4. Select Option 1.
  5. Select Option 2.
  6. Type preferred amount (Example: 2).
  7. Select Option 1 again.
  8. Choose your payment method (Airtime or MoMo).
  9. Proceed to make the payment.

We shall be sharing with you a Free MTN Ghana data bundle method that is not available anywhere so don’t forget to keep an eye on to enjoy this free browsing method from MTN Ghana when it’s shared.

Here are a few methods to access free data on MTN in Ghana. With several options to choose from, you should be able to find a suitable one. Be sure to make the most of these opportunities and enjoy browsing the internet at no cost.

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