Student Contact Information for Mobile Internet Data.

DATE: April 5, 2020.

SUBJECT: Student Contact Information for Mobile Internet Data.

The SRC writes to inform the general student body that, The University leadership and the ICT Directorate wish to collect student’s data for the purposes of acquiring a SIM card for students in the university to access all online teaching and learning materials and also make subsidiced calls among students. Kindly follow this link to help gather this data.

The SRC urge all students to comply with the directives of the president of the Republic, Ministry of Health, Ministry of information and Ghana Health Service as we all fight against the pandemic Covid_19.

kindly contact the SRC PRO or any SRC Executive for any concerns, questions and suggestions.

We count on your usual cooperation.

Issued by
Arko Godfred

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  1. The online data forms fields have changed would like to ask will student s who did it in the beginning without the option requesting for student I’D No. Have to redo it again or not ?? However when is the E-learntimetable or deadline coming?

  2. How will one know that the data registration was complete. Since there is no notification like,completed, successful. Moreover I learnt this is also done only once

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