KsTU to start E-learning

DATE: 28th March 2020
SUBJECT: Hooking-up to an Online Platform to Lecture and Interact with  Students.

Following the various steps taken to manage the operations of the University in this era of uncertainty, all teaching staff (fulltime and part-time) are directed to contact the Acting Director of ICT and get hooked-up to an online platform.
This is in response to the directive from the Ministry of Education, that virtual teaching and learning should be strongly adopted as students remain at home. A number of support systems have been deployed by the Ministry in collaboration with internet service providers to ensure the sustainability of this arrangement.
Deans/Directors and Heads of Department are enjoined to get all teaching staff involved in this exercise.
It is important to state that this mode of delivery would continue even when the COVID-19 situation is abated and the system normalizes for students to return.
The Acting Director of ICT would roll out a time-table to train staff on this arrangement by Monday, 30th March 2020.
The Vice-Chancellor and his team looks forward to seeing every teaching staff using this system within the next couple days.
Thank you.
Ebenezer Kofi Boakye

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  1. If may humbly ask what about those students who don’t have access to the internet. No smart phone ,laptop etc . What about them? What is in place for such students or they are going to be excluded anyway??.

  2. As a concern student of this noble university I think it’s a good idea, BUT my problem is
    Have we considered our colleagues who don’t have good networking systems in their area…

    Please I think we should consider all this before making any decision.
    Thank you

    • Is a good idea,it will help us but the only problem is when will it be effective?
      Besides, those in the rural areas, the network in that areas are very poor which will be difficult for them how can we do to help them.
      Finally, I head the institution will provide airtime or Internet bundle, am sorry if I may asked how will that b possible?.

  3. Is not help able because most of us don’t have laptop or smart phones to do this I think this way would cause serious accident to most students as we are concerns students of the university

  4. Good initiative. Hope the authority is giving every student free data bundle for the E leaning as Accra Technical University is giving to its students.

  5. It’s a very good approach.
    In fact, it should have been started long time ago, nevertheless, it’s not too late.
    When the beat of the drum changes, you change your dance as well. No body hoped for this pandemic, yet it’s in. It has changed so many things in the world so far. So long as our sister Universities ( the traditional Universities) have started it (virtual class room lectures), we too ought to follow. They too have students who are in poor network areas, yet they doing it.
    Challenges are bound to happen in the wake of any new system of operations. Some of such challenges would disappear naturally as every body comes to embrace that new system. Let’s do our best to change according to the new trend.

  6. It’s a great thing to do. But the institution should consider the cost involved as in data bundle in the era of lockdown. No movement in some part of the country. Is there way the institution is going to provide student with the necessary tools(data) they will need to participate in this e-learning?

    • It’s a good idea as everyone is saying, and I pretty sure all that we’ll learn will be taught again when we resume taking into consideration:
      1. students who don’t have laps
      2. those who live in very remote area with no access to better network connection
      3. Students who’ll find themselves in the lock down zone and won’t be able to buy data. And other reasons that will hinder both lecturers and students. Thank you

  7. This is a fantastic idea but I do not know you are going to get all the student body on board because some of us do not have smartphones and others live in rural areas who have problems the the internet service. I would like to know if there is something going to be done about it because I believe we have all paid our fees.

  8. I support the notion of E learning, we are in a fast and changing world and is about time we adjust and adopt innovative systems of learning.
    Finding problems of how things work will end crippling the idea of finding an alternative ways of solving problems.
    I think as we journey deep into this idea, then we amend the system as to how it will work to the benefit of both lecturers and students.
    Kumasi Technical University – Knowledge is power!
    Thank you.

  9. Comment *As a concerned student of this noble institution , i strongly believe this idea as good but what about some of our colleagues who don’t have access to smartphones . How are they going to cope with the studies. Thank you!

  10. We will not able to access all this because some students out doesn’t even know what’s going on right now…I think is a very good approach for us students to use this opportunity.

  11. Not all of us have a medium for internet access; smart phones, laptops and others,
    More over, those having not all of us will be able to afford internet data bundle to help support such activities, since this kind of service requires much internet data.
    So I wish there should be a way to help us at least put almost all of us on a particular standard.
    It might be any forms of internet access (data bundle).
    Thank you
    Concern student.

  12. Its a brilliant idea but we must look at the other aspect too. That is with students that will not be able to afford data. I think the SRC should should rule out a data plan for students.

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