Notice to all Students – KsTU Online Teaching and Learning Platform Update

Following the closure of the University and the partial lockdown of the city of Kumasi, the University has put a plan to fully activate its online teaching teaching and learning platform.
This means that lectures, discussions and assessments would be done online during the lockdown.

In view of the above, students are to take note of the following:

1. The University is making available Data at no cost to all students. So that students can access the online teaching and learning platform from their homes.

2.To access the data, students are required to register for the semester. A week ago a list of unregistered students was posted on the SRC/Students WhatsApp platform. Students who have not still registered are kindly requested to do so online at Students can also check their first semester examination results at

3. A time table for the online lectures would be disseminated soon. Prior to this, information regarding how to access the online teaching and learning platform would be shared through SRC/Students WhatsApp platform.

4.Students are advised to constantly check the University website for further information.

5.The University authorities would like to appeal to all students to make themselves available online for teaching and learning to continue because we have no idea of when COVID_19 pandemic will be over.

6. We would also like to appeal to all students to abide by the directives of the president in relation to the partial lockdown. Together we shall defeat COVID_19.


Thank you.
Jenkins As a ah(PhD)
Deputy Registrar(Academic Affairs).

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  1. Please it won’t help, some will benefit other will not. Why because some of us living in the rural areas don’t have access to good network, smartphone laptop some do not have access electricity.. Apart from that let talk about internet data, are the going to provide them selves or the school.. I will plead with the management to review this arrangement

  2. Please we are about to pay our arrest of our fees so because we haven’t pay yet are we not going to be part of this event please we wanna know

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