Ishtari Ghana Review: Legit or Scam? Unveiling the Truth

Ishtari Ghana, a Lebanese online shop in Ghana, claims to deliver the finest quality of home appliances, electronics, gadgets, toys as well as skin care, fashion, and more. Our operations are performed in Tripoli, Lebanon, and recently in Accra, Ghana but my recent experience with them was nothing short of a nightmare and I will never recommend them to anyone. They sell inferior products, and once they receive your money that’s the end, whether your product is working or not they care less.

Ishtari Ghana Review

This is a personal experience I had with the Ishtari brand and I have no interest in damaging their reputation but rather to caution others from becoming victims.

On February 15th, 2023, I ordered a REMAX TWX 10 earpiece and received it a week later. However, upon trying to use it, I realized that the right earpiece was not working. I attempted to contact the customer care line several times but to no avail until I could finally reach them the next day.

After finally reaching their customer care line, I was advised to contact their complaint department by sending a video of the product with the issue, which I did. However, the response from the complaint department was frustrating and unsatisfactory. They requested my order ID or phone number, the item with the issue, the reason for the complaint, and a video demonstrating the issue.

I was then asked to select a replacement product on their online shop, but I could not find an exact replacement, so I had to choose a different product which resulted in additional charges I was not prepared for.


The new product arrived after about 10 days, but it was even worse than the initial one. None of the earpieces were working, so I was very unhappy and contacted customer care again.

Their response was unhelpful, and I was told that my refund order had been processed. However, my money was kept for over a month without any valid reason, causing a lot of frustration and disappointment.


Online Shopping in Ghana

As online shopping in Ghana begins to experience massive acceptance, new online shopping websites emerge at a faster rate in the country. Its important to do a due diligence before engaging with any online shopping brand before you before a victim of fraud.

Ishtari Ghana products

Ishtari Ghana offers a variety of products across different categories but unfortunately, the quality of these products offered by Ishtari can not be guaranteed.

Ishtari Ghana website

The Ishtari Ghana website is an online shopping platform where you can buy various products in Ghana and get it delivered across the country.

Ishtari Ghana mobile app

Ishtari Ghana also offers a mobile app for their online shopping platform where their shoppers who enjoy mobile shopping experience can opt for.

Ishtari Ghana customer service

Ishtari’s customer care is not as great as professional online shopping would be. They need to train them to learn how to handle customer-related issues.

Ishtari Ghana delivery

Ishtari Ghana delivers across the country but their delivery is sometimes very slow and if you wish to obtain your product quickly you can not rely on them especially if you request a replacement.

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In conclusion, my experience with Ishtari Ghana was extremely poor, and I would not recommend them to anyone. Their customer care service was unresponsive, and their complaint department was frustrating to deal with. The refund process took an unnecessarily long time, and the replacement product they sent was even worse than the initial one. I advise anyone considering purchasing from Ishtari Ghana to be cautious and explore other options.

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