How to Use Your Android Phone as a Speaker for Your Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer

Many computer monitors come equipped with built-in speakers, and this feature is also commonly found in laptops. Although the audio quality of these speakers may be a subject of debate, they serve as a convenient option when an external audio setup is not available.

In the case that your computer speaker or external audio setup malfunctions and you don’t have time to troubleshoot, there is a solution. If you have a functioning Android phone, you can utilize it as an external speaker for your computer. Here, we present two methods that allow you to transform your Android phone into a laptop speaker using a dedicated app.

Use Your Android Phone as a Wireless PC Speaker Using AudioRelay

AudioRelay is an audio streaming application that enables you to convert your Android phone into a wireless PC speaker. It supports both wireless and wired modes of audio streaming.

To connect your Android phone to your computer, you will need to install the AudioRelay PC client on your Windows, macOS, or Linux machine, as well as on your compatible Android device.

The app offers a free version, which includes advertisements and has limited features. However, if you prefer, you can upgrade to the premium version to remove ads. The subscription not only removes ads but also provides support for streaming on multiple devices and allows customization of audio quality settings.

Download Now: AudioRelay for Android | Windows | Mac | Linux

If you are using a Windows computer for this guide. Follow the steps below to turn your Android phone into a wireless speaker.

  1. Make sure your Android phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Next, download the AudioRelay app on your Windows PC, then run the installer and click Next.
  3. Make sure to select all the options under the Select Additional Tasks section.

4. Click Install to complete the installation and restart your PC.

5. After the restart, launch the AudioRelay app on your PC.

6. Next, download and install the AudioReplay Android app on your phone.

7. Launch the app on your phone and tap on Get Started.

8. Tap on your PC name under the Server section.


9. Once connected to your PC, you will see your Android phone listed under the Connections section in the PC client.



That’s it! Now, simply play any audio on your PC, and you will hear the sound coming from your phone’s speaker. You can adjust the audio volume using the AudioRelay PC client. To stop streaming audio, just tap the Stop button within the Android app.

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