“Everything will be Fine” – Kstu SRC President tells Kstu Students

Continuing students and Freshmen of Kumasi Technical University have raised concerns about the fees being charged by the Technical University for the 2022/2023 academic year, saying it will make access to technical university difficult.

School fees for KSTU 2022/23 academic year

However, the technical university maintains that the fees being charged are legal as they are based on approved fee levels as authorized by Parliament.


Freshmen in B-tech Accounting with Computing pay GHC2,709 while continuing students pay Ghc2,295, Freshmen for Architectural Technology pay GhC2,831.

GNUTS Ambassador – Hon. Samuel Osei

“As we are economic turmoil as a nation, Education at the tertiary level has become very expensive to the vulnerable Ghanaian Student. The 15% and above increment threshold charged by some institutions is very disheartening. Collectively lets advocate and fight for our students” said by GNUTs Ambassador(Kumasi Technical University)

GNUTS ambassador (Kumasi Technical University)

Speaking to him personally, he referenced parliament approved 15% increment in the Fees for institutions, saying some institutions have taken it likely to charge as far as 25%. He also assured the student populace that, GNUTs (Ghana National Union of Technical Students) have taken steps and have also served the Government petition for review as done by NUGS. Same petition was also sent to the Vice Chancellors of the Technical Institutions. A press release will follow.Lastly, he ensured all students to stay calm and have believe in the UNION as they pursue until the right thing is done.

SRC President for Kstu, H.E Issac Mensah

The SRC president, Kumasi Technical University, H.E Isaac Mensah. Speaking to him via whatsapp: He said, the IKE administration is currently working about the situation at hand and ensures everything shall be done appropriately. He also said he charged the UNION (GNUTS) by calling the National President of GNUTS to also step in to engage the university management about the increment of the school fees, He entreated student that everything will be fine hopefully.


He tweeted last year that, He (Isaac Mensah) will put students first, meaning he will make hard choices, meeting students where they are. making all the aspect of learning relevant ( so far as school fees payment is concern”.

The question at hand is, WILL HE (H.E ISAAC MENSAH) stand by his people (KsTU students) in making this hard choice of voices to bring down the fees to allow access to Technical and Vocational education in Kumasi Technical University?

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