DVLA to begin impounding vehicles of drivers without valid license from May 1.


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) says it will be impounding the vehicles of drivers without valid licenses on the road.

The exercise, which is in accordance with Road Traffic Regulations 47, 158 of LI 2180 of 2012, will begin on May 1.

Those to be affected by the directive include drivers;

  1. Driving without an original license
  2. Do not have a license at all
  3. Driving with an expired license
  4. Driving with photocopied license
  5. Driving with a fake license
  6. Use the wrong class of license.

According to the Authority, there will be “no exemptions except [for] vehicles [with] police, prisons, fire, military and immigration registered number plates.”

“Please treat this as a caution to avoid embarrassment and inconvenience,” it warned.


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