Bola Tinubu’s travel abroad is for him to rest – Spokesperson.

Spokesperson for Nigeria’s President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu says his latest travel abroad is for him to take a break from weeks of campaign and get refreshed before the transition event.

Bola Tinubu, whose election on Saturday, February 25 has been challenged by the opposition, travelled out of Nigeria to France and the United Kingdom on Tuesday, March 21.

There were reports that he had travelled as a result of worsening health conditions, raising suspicion among the citizens.

Current president Muhammadu Buhari has had health issues with rumours of his death reported multiple times. So, Nigerians have considered the health of as elected President as a critical criterion.

But in a statement on Wednesday, Mach 22, Spokesperson Tunde Rahman said as the former Lagos Governor is out to rest.

“The president-elect decided to take a break after the hectic campaign and election season to rest in Paris and London, preparatory to going to Saudi Arabia for Umrah (Lesser Hajj) and the Ramadan fasting that begins Thursday,” the statement said.

He added that Tinubu is expected back in the country “soon”.

The handover is scheduled to be held on Monday, May 29.

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