Approved Academic Calender for First Semester 2020/2021 Academic Year

Find below the approved academic calendar for the first semester of 2020/2021 academic year.


Both Continuing and Fresh Students will have face-to-face lectures throughout. However, some courses/subjects will be conducted online.

1 Submission of 1st Semester Departmental Time-Table to P&QAD 10th  Dec. 2020
2 Publication of centralized Time Table by P&QAD 15th Dec. 2020
3 Registration of Courses by Lecturers 15th -23rd Dec. 2020
4 Fresh Students Report on Campus for Face -to-Face Lectures 11th Jan. 2021
5 Registration of  Fresh Students (Normal & Vclass registration) 11th – 22nd Jan. 2021
6 Medical Exams for Fresh Students Begin 13th Jan. 2021
7 Fresh students start face-to-face lectures  18th Jan. 2021
8 Orientation for  Fresh Students (Faculty by Faculty) 25th -29th Jan. 2021
9 Continuing Students Report on Campus for Face -to-Face Lectures 25th Jan. 2021
10 Registration of  Continuing Students (normal & Vclass registration) 25th Jan – 5th Feb. 2021
11 Continuing Students start Face-to-Face Lectures 27th Jan. 2021
12 Late Registration with a fine for Continuing Students


8th – 12th Feb. 2021
13 Submission of First Semester Exams Questions and Marking Schemes to HODs 15th Feb. 2021
14 Submission of First Semester Exams Questions and Marking Schemes to Deans 16th Feb. 2021
15 Submission of First Semester Exams Questions and Marking Schemes to Academic Affairs Office 18th Feb. 2021
16 Submission of First Semester Exams Questions with Marking Schemes to NABPTEX/Moderators   22nd Feb. 2021
17 Matriculation Rehearsals for Fresh Students 4th Mar. 2021
18 MATRICULATION 5th  Mar. 2021
20 Students Assessment of Lecturers 12th – 16th April 2021
21 Submission of Continuous Assessment  Scores to Heads of Department 19th April 2021
22 Submission of Continuous Assessment  Scores by HODs to Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate (P&QAD) 21st April 2021
23 Face-to-Face First Semester Examinations for  both Fresh and Continuing Students 24th April 2021 – 9th May 2021
24  Students Depart for Vacation 9th May 2021
25 Audit of Marked  Exams Scripts of  1st Semester Exams Results by  P&QAD (To be done at the various  Faculties) 24th -28th May 2021
26 Departmental Board Meeting on 1st  Semester Exams Results 2nd June 2021
27 Faculty Examinations Board Meeting  on 1st   Semester Exams Results 4th June 2021
28 Publication of Provisional Results pending Academic Board Approval 4th June 2021
29 Submission of  1st  Semester Exams Results to Examinations Audit Committee 7th June 2021
30 Special Academic Board Meeting on 1st  Semester Exams Results 11th June 2021


Click  here to download the pdf version of the academic calender

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